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Pictured Here is Bobby from Westside High School, Newark, NJ.  He was able to stand and share his story at the Black Congressional Caucus.  A life changing experience.

The goal is to bring high school upperclassmen young men to Washington, DC, for a powerful and brain-staining experience.  Our two major components are the


Congressional Black Caucus – Annual Legislative Conference and the DARE TO LEAD…A Focus On Young Male Leadership Conference. 


This 3-day educational excursion will expose the young men to first time experiences, offer networking opportunities beyond anything the majority of them have ever been privy to, allow relationship building activities between young men from different parts of the country, and give them an introduction into college life by touring the historic Howard University and interacting with their students and staff. 

The Dare To Lead conference will allow the young men to participate in an event designed specifically for them.  The students will be paired with an equal number of young men from other cities, on the campus of Howard University, to participate in group activities, conduct presentations, tour the campus and have one-on-one consultations with college students about life after high school.  This will set the stage for excellent networking opportunities, productive mentoring relationships and a powerful brotherhood.

If you are interested in registering a Student for this Years DC Initiative please fill out the form below:

Thanks! Message sent.

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