CO-FOUNDER/ Director of Operatons

​​​Inspiring, Motivating and full of Life.  That's how you would describe Maritza from within moments of meeting her.   "Every Young person deserves to feel and know within their heart that someone truly loves and cares about their future", is what she strongly believes.

Maritza was raised by her family, as her Mother's life was cut short when Maritza was 3 months old.   Being raised with a Village taught her that it was possible to receive and okay to accept love from other's.  

Maritza is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Psalmist, Wife and Mother. she is compelled to reach, teach and inspire people.  Over her life-time Maritza has assisted many of her peers and associates with employment, open businesses, training and advice.  She has been a pillar in her circle and exudes leadership. 

Maritza currently operates "Executive Suittee" which is a Professional Women's Network.  Within this Network she not only promotes and connects women in Business, but she also serves communities, women shelters and schools by conducting Vision Board Sessions and Inspiring through Motivational Speaking.  "The Vision Boards allow you to actually draw out and plan your Life goals.  It's there, you can visualize yourself on the Board and imagine your life played out in front of you".  Seeing is believing... Maritza is inspired to be an inspiration and encourage others to know that there is absolutely nothing that is impossible.