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This initiative seeks to aid teenage boys with their transition from boyhood to manhood. Using the principles of the I.D.E.A., Initiate, Discipline, Expectation and Accountability, young boys have an opportunity to learn from a curriculum developed and based entirely on their growth, challenges and development. All workshops will introduce new information and perspectives, as well as offer strategies and resources to elevate into becoming productive members, and leaders, of their community.


High school age boys between the ages of 14 and 18, in groups of no more than 20.


By meeting twice a week, on separate days, a target group of young men will meet for one hour sessions with a Manhood Training Facilitator. The session will include journal writing, self-assessment exercises, audio/visual content, guest speakers and rituals designed to reinforce the principles of the program.


Participants will gain a greater sense of purpose, and responsibility.
Participants will identify specific obstacles inhibiting their success.
Participants will develop a blueprint for their individual pathway to maximal growth, and productivity.


To punctuate the effort behind Manhood Training, each series closes out with a Men’s Night Out. The participants must be in shirt and tie, slacks and shoes, and will be accompanied by their Manhood Training Facilitator and fellow Leaders of Newark, to a Broadway show in Manhattan, and fine dining in Harlem, NY. Pictures and video testimonies will be documented and sent to the participants and their families to commemorate the experience and their participation in the program.

§ Group Sessions – Daily Affirmations

§ Leadership Training – Peer Mentoring

§ Grooming Lessons and Information

§ Communication/Public Speaking

§ Entrepreneurship/Business

§ College & Career Planning

§ Project Planning/Fund-Raising

§ Excursions

To Promote Manhood Training as a Curriculum in All Inner-Middle & High Schools with our Common Core Anchor Standard Alignment

While Growing4ward is not teaching regular credit classes, our Manhood training Curriculum includes Common Core standards that will reinforce many basic Common Core skills such as reading, writing, speaking and Listening Language and Math.






For More Information for the 2021-2022 School year please contact Carlos Walton 718-757-2601 to schedule a Consultation.

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